Who Was Brian Kennedy

“Brian was a wonderful young man. He had a fierce desire to join the Marine Corps when he was in college and he threw himself at it 100%. He gave his life in an effort to contribute to the freedom of the Iraqi people. We are so very proud of him and of his service to our country.”

Mark Kennedy (father)

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“Underneath the orange basketball cap he constantly wore in high school, there was a lot more to Brian Kennedy than most kids. He was a serious guy who worked hard to be a great student and athlete, and who worked just as hard to be a good person.”.

Jared Palmer (classmate) 

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“Brian wouldn't let anything stand in the way of helping a friend. When we were teenagers and I was injured in a terrible boating accident, Brian went door-to-door all around town, on his own initiative, to personally raise thousands of dollars for the surgeries I needed ”.

Joe Simczak (friend)

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The Foundation & Scholarship Program

In his memory, friends and family organized the Brian Kennedy Foundation to reward high school students for excellence in academics and athletics.

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